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  1. What is the Taskforce?
    According to the rules of Mitchell-Lama buildings, there must be a tenant committee to represent the tenants with the owners, the management company and the state. Westview has had a Taskforce since people first started moving into the building. Initially the Westview and the Island House Taskforces were joined together in one group. In the late 1990s these two groups split in order to give them more flexibility in their work. The two taskforces still collaborate on items of mutual importance.
  2. Who are the members of the Taskforce?
    The 13 members of the Taskforce are your neighbors, and all current residents of this building. A list of Taskforce officers and members is at Taskforce
  3. What has the Taskforce done for me?
    The major work of the Taskforce in the past has been to fight rent increases. The Taskforce successfully rolled back two recent and major proposed rent increases. In addition, in the past the Taskforce maintained committees to oversee the maintenance of the building and to lobby the management company and the owner for necessary repairs.
  4. Who pays for the work of the Taskforce?
    The work of the Taskforce is supported by contributions of the tenants.
  5. How else do residents supports the Taskforce?
    In addition to financial contributions, 80% of Westview tenants have supported the work of the Taskforce by signing the Consent Forms necessary for the Taskforce to negotiated with the state and the building owner to preserve affordable housing at Westview.
  6. When does the TaskForce meet?
    The Taskforce typically meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8 PM in the Lower Community Room in 625. Occasionally the meetings are re-scheduled due to conflicts.
  7. Can I attend a TaskForce meeting?
    Yes. Check the Meeting Schedule for date, time and location.
  8. How do I resolve an issue or problem I am having within my apartment?
    Since the Taskforce neither owns nor manages the building, any apartment maintenance issue or problem should be addressed to the building management company, RY Management at (212) 755-3012.
  9. What and why is the Taskforce negotiating with the owners and the state?
    The Taskforce is negotiating with the owners and the state in order to preserve our right to continue to live in our apartments. The building is now eligible to leave the Mitchell-Lama program, and the owner have expressed an interest in selling the building. This is both a dangerous situation and a perfect opportunity for the residents. If an outside interest purchases the building they will determine our futures for us. If the Taskforce campaign is successful, together each and every one of us will be able to determine our futures.
  10. How are negotiations progressing?
    The Taskforce and our legal counsel are still in negotiations with the owners.
  11. Why did I get a new lease but no rent increase?
    While we are in negotiations with the owners and the state, the owner has agreed to hold the rents at their current level.
  12. How many tenants are interested in purchasing their apartments?
    Based on a 2001 survey approximately 60% responded that they were interested in purchasing their apartments. In April of 2006, 80% of tenants gave the Taskforce the right to represent them in these negotiations. In October 2006, over 60% of tenants voted in the Taskforce Board elections.
  13. Will the building be going cooperative or condominium?
    It will be Cooperative for residential part of the building, see Offering Plan.
  14. Can I purchase more than one apartment?
    No, you cannot.
  15. Can I purchase an apartment other than the one I rent today?
    No, you cannot unless you buy one that Owner sells at market rates.
  16. What is the status of the Ground Lease?
    Ground Lease will be extended upon Owners and tenants agreement on the Offering plan.
  17. Will repairs be made to the building prior to our purchasing the building?
    Some repairs to the building are ongoing. The purchase price proposed for the building will be determined by the condition of the building as well as other factors.
  18. When will the tenant ownership deal be completed?
    We are not sure. We are negotiating as aggressively as possible.
  19. How can I contact the Taskforce?
    You can contact the Taskforce in various ways. Please see: Contacts
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