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December 2014



Greetings All Westview Residents.

 Since May of 2012, when Westview Owners submitted their request to exit the Mitchell Lama program, the Task Force has been engaged with both our lawyers and the Owners in connection with negotiating terms that would make the proposed transition affordable to both residents who consider buying their apartments and residents who prefer to continue renting.


In 2013 Westview owners halted such discussions to focus on finalizing the IH offering plan while certain legal concerns (common to both Westview and Island House) were under review by the NYS Attorney General. It is important to understand that the Ownership structure of Westview is different than that of Island House and while many issues are similar others are specific to Westview. For example: WV has active Pool. WV apartments are on average larger. WV needs significantly more resources for building rehabilitation, etc.

With the recent completion of the Attorney General's review and subsequent approval of the IH Offering Plan, we are now actively in discussions with the Owners and DHCR once again in an effort to reach a resolution hopefully soon.


WestView Pool - As it has been since July, the pool is still open for Westview tenants free of charge.

At this point we have not heard of any announcement of any fees to be charged and unless otherwise is stated we encourage all of you to use the renovated facilities.



On behalf of everyone on the Board of Westview Task Force, we would like to wish a happy a joyful Holiday Season to all of our neighbors -

                                                         Happy Holidays to ALL!!! 


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