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June 2014




Task Force Representatives met with Assemblymember Micah Kellner and RIOC Chairperson Charlene Indelicato to present the facts regarding our impasse with building owners on a fair negotiated agreement . Assemblymember Kellner, though not planning to run for another term, is knowledgeable about our dilemma and continues to advise us to pursue achievement of a fair deal through contacts with Richmond McCurnin, assistant commissioner of NYS Housing and Community Renewal (HCR). We have pursued that contact and have learned that the building owners have justified their request for an immediate 26-37% rent increase on the basis of "equalization" of rents with Island House. We strongly disagree with the building owner's logic on that matter and as a result of our contact with HCR now believe the imminent risk of an outrageous rent increase has been alleviated. All issues will be discussed when the owners are ready, probably after all problems with the Island House Red Herring have been resolved with the Attorney General's office.

Note: Island House tenants , now no longer covered by Mitchell Lama rules regarding rent increases have had a cumulative 15% rent increase since withdrawing from Mitchell Lama. The Red Herring proposal for the Island House Conversion to a rental/coop continues to be the subject of lengthy negotiations between the building owners and The NYS Attorney General's office.

Ms. Indelicato has stated that RIOC will not intervene in our negotiations. Our letter campaign regarding the owners unaffordable proposal generated over 1200 letters to Governor Cuomo, Senator Schumer, Representative Maloney, Mayor Di Blasio, Senator Serrano, City Councilman Kallos and outgoing Assembly member Kellner.

Mr. Kellner, Mr. Kallos and Mr. Serrano's staff has met with us to discuss our concerns.



We were informed by RY management that the Westview pool should open in early June, subsequently announced to be June 6 in a letter to tenants.

We all are looking forward to start using it after a long wait.




Robberies via unlocked apartment doors are a growing problem. The Task Force has established a committee to address all security matters. We urge all tenants to keep the doors locked all the time, and not use any other exits doors of the building except  the main lobby in 625 or 595 and most importantly - do not allow anyone to enter the building at 595 Main Street (one of the suspected perps  entered the building that way).


Happy SUMMER to everyone!!!



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