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February 2014





It's been a long road for all parties involved with the conversion of Westview and Island House, for the Owner, State and Tenants alike and we look forward to the prospect of concluding our agreement soon. In our case here in Westview, most of the groundwork for an agreement has already been determined by terms negotiated between the Owner and State for Island House as they relate to ground lease, real estate taxes, and continued affordability plan. As a matter of fact we have agreed, with very minor concessions, to almost all of the Owner's initial proposal and have only a few items left to resolve. These include:

·         Reducing monthly maintenance post conversion currently projected to be near what we now pay in rent by refinancing our mortgage equal to that of Island House (This even though our current debt is significantly less that IH yet Owners propose a much higher mortgage refinancing for Westview).

·         Inclusion of language proposed by our lawyers to strengthen the Owners commitment to convert the building.

·         Develop a phased in approach to future rent increases associated with the building conversion.

·         Revise the Westview proposal to correct deficiencies recently found by the NYS Attorney General in the IH plan.

For us these points are very significant because they affect our livelihood and ability to continue to live in our homes. In the grand scheme they should be relatively minor for the Owners considering we have already agreed to 90% of the current proposal, again with very minor concessions.

Over the past few months the Taskforce has been actively meeting with HCR (formerly DHCR) and engaged our political representatives including State Senator Jose Serrano's office to discuss concerns raised by tenants including status of our negotiations, service levels in the building as a component of rents paid particularly as it relates to ongoing pool repairs, and concerns raised by many tenants regarding vacancies. As recently as this past week we met once again with Rich McCurnin at HCR who committed to helping facilitate our next meeting with the Owners. We are hopeful that this meeting will happen soon and are prepared to conclude these negotiations quickly pending the outcome of these discussions. We firmly believe that finalizing our agreement now is in everyone's best interest.

Additionally, our legal team is actively engaged in all phases of our conversion efforts.


While all of us had expected the pool to re-open in September of 2013 after almost a year of repairs, the closure has been extended again.

We were informed by management that after filling the pool last month, a new leak was discovered under the pool basin. This necessary repair work is quit extensive and will take time. Additionally there was water damage to some of the new work that had been completed due to flooding caused by a broken pipe in the former Grog shop - the pipe broken due to freezing conditions as the heat had been turned off in the space during our last spell of sub-zero weather. We hope that Management will identify the proper contractor and have this issue resolved quickly. If you would like to contact RY for details and specific dates - feel free to send your inquiries to Ms. Sheila Redula at sredula@RYmanagement.com.


  • Report on evictions in the Island House


The Task Force recently received reports that several residents of Island House were issued eviction notices. The cited ground for the notices were allegations that the residents were not Bona Fide tenants as specified in the IH agreement, meaning that they have primary residences elsewhere and therefore do not qualify to participate in the plan. The tenants involved, numbering approximately 15, have hired a joint lawyer for their defense. We can expect a similar inquiry here in Westview as we move forward with our conversion.

Thank you all for your continued support.


We look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming membership

on Wednesday, February 26 at 8:00PM in the Lower Community Room.



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